Brewing Technique: Fresh Wort Kits

What is a fresh wort kit?

Fresh wort kits are a pre-made unfermented wort – an all grain brew – made by a professional brewery. We carry 15 litre fresh wort kits in a wide range of styles.

Why would you use a fresh wort kit?

It’s easy, simple and fast to brew. It’s a way to get great beer without the time or equipment needed to do your own all grain brew and because it’s made by a professional brewery you’re assured of the best quality beer possible.

How do you use a fresh wort kit?

Take a clean, sanitised fermenter and decant your fresh wort kit into it. Add top up water if needed (most kits are fine to top up to 20 litres, although you may choose to brew to a smaller volume for a stronger, tastier beer). Pitch yeast of your choosing and ferment. You’ve also got the option to dry hop or add grain infusions if desired.

Check out our range of fresh wort kits. As they’re a bulky item we don’t always have all the varieties in stock, but we get them delivered to order every fortnight, so give us a call or an email if you want to know what FWK’s we have in stock or to order one in.