Brew In A Bag

About The Class

This class is essentially an introduction into all-grain brewing, using the brew-in-bag method. This class demonstrates a simple jump from kits and extracts into brewing a beer from base malts with affordable equipment.

We will demonstrate how to put together an all-grain recipe on brewing software, mash, boil and no-chill your beer before you pop it into a fermenter. Class will include plenty of opportunities for Q&A session as well as a couple tasters of beer and some snacks. 

This class is specifically designed for people who are looking to expand on their brewing knowledge and begin brewing from malts, hops, grains, water and yeast instead of concentrates and extracts. We recommend a basic brewing knowledge to start with such as can kit and extract brewing to understand the concepts.

All you need to bring is yourself...and maybe a pen and paper to take some notes to refer back to later.

The class will start on time. Please arrive on time but not too early as we may be busy serving other customers prior to the class starting.

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2:00pm Sunday 19th July 2020 RSVP


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Level 1: Basics

Come learn everything you need to make your own homebrew. We demonstrate the basics using a starter kit. Improve on a basic "beer concentrate" kit with grain, malt extracts, hops etc.

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Level 2: Intermediate

Take the next step to extract brewing. We take you through a boil adding your own bittering, flavour and aroma hops and steeping grain. Learn to create your own recipes with brewing software.

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