Beekeeper – Extract Recipe Kit

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Honey can be a welcome addition in Wheat Beer and it carries some favour with the Australian Craft Beer industry. This is shown by the number of interesting Honey Wheat Beer varieties readily available in the local liquor store. Some of the ingredients and features of this style casts similarities to a Weissbier (category 15.A. of BJCP style guidelines) but the inclusion of honey moves it more toward Specialty Beer, category 23. This category covers an eclectic collection of brews that don’t quite fit into existing categories or are yet to reach a level of popularity to warrant the formation of a new category.

This Honey Wheat recipe combines more Light Dry Malt than a typical Weissbier, which could make it a bit heavy, but the honey addition helps to lighten the mouthfeel. Blue Gum honey was chosen because its flavour and aroma marries up nicely with that of a typical Wheat Beer but you may like to experiment with different types of honey and yeast.

Just be sure to make the apiarists proud!

Recipe contains Preachers Hefewheat, light dry malt extract, Munich yeast – please note you need to have 335 gm of your favourite honey

This is a 23l recipe for our 25 litre fermentors or any other 25 litre vessel.

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