Bi-Metal 3″ Dial Weldless Thermometer (40mm stem)

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With this bi-metal thermometer you can brew with confidence. The weldless fitting means it will mount to your mash tun, hot liquor tank, or kettle. The 40mm long probe means you will be able to get an accurate reading of the vessel temp without interfering with a grain bag. Features:

  • Calibration screw
  • 304 stainless steel housing and probe
  • ½” BSP thread
  • Temperature range -5C to 100C
  • Important brewing temperatures indicated on the dial face – Lager and Ale Fermentation, Beta Glucan and Protein rests, Dry, Medium and Full Bodied Mash, Mashout and Sparge.

Includes a slimline nut and 2 x silicone seals plus a stainless washer