Biscuit Blonde – 5L All Grain Kits

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Our all grain kits are our own tried and tested recipes for classic and modern beer styles. Included in the kit are all the ingredients needed to make 5L using a standard BIAB (Brew in a Bag) setup. You will also need a set of scales for measuring hops.

All our all-grain kits contains a milled grain bill, hops, yeast, and a recipe card.

Ingredients included:

Pilsener Malt, Maris Otter, Vienna, Biscuit, Carapils malt.

Magnum, Hallertau hops

US-05 Dry yeast


Batch Size: 5L

OG 1.048

4.6% ABV

28ish IBU

The Style:

Blonde ales can flex light to crunchy malt character and bold or balanced Hop happiness. This recipe teams a characterful English yeast strain and the satifysingly suble yet zingy and zesty German hop, Saphir. Rounding out this whole quenching package is the addition of buscuit malt, it sends a mesmerising and petite malty ANZAC biscuity dry crunch across your palette, “you beauty!” you scream!