Blue Butterfly Pea Flower – 25gm

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers can be used as a herbal tea, creating a vivid blue tea that’s high in antioxidants.

But we like to use it in gin (or other spirits) to create colour-changing gin – a gin that’s blue, until you add tonic or lemon juice to make it turn pink !

Clean and dry the container being used to infuse your blue gin (or vodka).

Add 10 flowers per 250ml of your flavourite gin.

Put the lid on, give it a shake, and leave to steep overnight – or longer, to achieve your desired colour, then strain the flowers out and decant into your bottle.

If the colour is a little more purple than blue, use the tiniest touch of sodium bicarbonate to adjust the pH to make the gin or vodka a little less acidic. Use no more than 1/8tsp per 250ml.

When ready to serve, pour over the (slightly acidic) tonic water, and watch the gin and tonic turn pinky-purple !