Brew in a Bag (BIAB) 10L All Grain Starter Kit

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10L Grain Kit *


Finally an affordable all grain starter kit. Brew in a Bag (or BIAB) is the cheapest and easiest way to get into all grain brewing (making beer completely from scratch like the pro’s).

Our BIAB starter kit includes:

  • 19L boil kettle with ball valve already installed
  • 1/2″ BSP weldless stainless steel ball valve
  • 1/2″ BSP male threaded 13mm barb
  • 1m silicone hose
  • Heat-safe plastic mash paddle
  • Large grain bag
  • Instruction book
  • First All Grain Recipe


Don’t forget you will also need your own fermentation equipment, and there is some assumed prior knowledge for brewing all grain. We assume you already know how to sanitise equipment, ferment beer and bottle or keg successfully. If you’ve never brewed before we recommend also grabbing one of our 15L starter kit as well, and follow the instructions and recipe included in that for a simple kit brew to gain confidence and familiarise yourself with fermentation, cleaning and bottling, before you do your first BIAB. We’re not able to provide phone/email support for your brewing process as the answers to all your questions exist online and we don’t google on customers behalf – like any hobby you need to do your own research, read-up and practise. That said, the included instructions and some common sense will serve you well.