California Common (Steam Beer) – 20L All Grain Kit

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Our all grain kits are our own tried and tested recipes for classic and modern beer styles. Included in the kit are all the ingredients needed to make 20L using a standard BIAB (Brew in a Bag) setup such as our BIAB Starter kit, or your prefered equipment such as a Grainfather. You will also need a set of scales for measuring hops.

All our all-grain kits contains a milled grain bill, hops, yeast, and any other items required for the style (such as kettle finings, spices, brewing salts).

Ingredients included:
Gladfield Ale Malt, Munich, Light Crystal, Rolled Wheat

Northern Brewer Hops

Mangrove Jacks M54

Description: A larger from the time of a gold rush as well as style born form practicality and resilience. Expect a generous light cooper hue along with herbaceous bitterness and woody hop aroma that rests on a bed of light toasty malt character.