Eclipse Australian Pale Ale – Extract Recipe Kit

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Eclipse hops are fairly new on the scene, developed in Australia too ! In this pale ale recipe, we’re using the hops in 2 additions – in warm water to extract flavour without adding too much bitterness. Then a healthy addition to the dry hop allows the aromas of Mandarin, and Pine. The Australian Pale Ale style was chosen as an easy flavourful drinker to be enjoyed in the warmer months. The addition of the Golden Naked Oats adds a fuller mouthfeel and a slight toffee sweetness to round everything out.

Receipe contains Australian Pale Ae Extract, Wheat Malt Extract, Eclipse Hops, US-05 Yeast, Golen Naked Oats grain

This is a 23l recipe for our 25 litre fermentors or any other 25 litre vessel.

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