Gladfield Toffee Malt per kg

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Gladfield Toffee Malt is a unique malt produced by Gladfield Farm & Malting. ??Basically a fully caramalised malt that has been roasted at very low temperature. This special roasting cycle produces a very light colour and the resulting malt is toffee like to chew instead of the crystalised popcorn affect of using higher temperatures. The resulting malt is very popular for adding a malty toffee flavour to lighter coloured beers and also adds good beer stability, body and mouth feel.??

Due to the higher moisture content of Gladfield Toffee malt, we advise that when milling, the Toffee malt is blended through with your base malts. ??This ensures a good crush and full release of the rich Toffee malt flavour.


Moisture (%) Max <7.5

Extract (dry) Range 74%

Wort Colour Range EBC 10 ??? 20

Typical Colour 12


Adds Toffee / Honey flavours with low colour impact

Usage Rates Guidance:??Up to 25%