Gladfield Red Back Malt

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Red Back Malt is also a unique malt made by Gladfield. It is prepared by a special process before going into the roaster, where it is roasted to favour certain maillard reactions which cause the malt to produce a lovely red hue in the resulting beer without the opalescence that can occur with other similar malts. In other words the wort colour is bright with good clarity but most of all a lovely red colour. Red Back goes??well with Gladfield Ale and Aurora malt which is a melanoidin malt.


  • Moisture (%) Max <6
  • Extract ??? Fine Dry 78
  • Wort Colour Range (EBC) 60 ??? 80
  • Typical Wort Colour (EBC) ??65

Typical Uses & Styles:

  • Adds malty, dried fruit and toasted malt flavours with red hues
  • Irish Red Ales
  • Red Rye IPA
  • India Red Ales
  • American Amber Ales

Usage Rate Guidance:

  • Up to 15% of the grist