Gladfield Shepherds Delight Malt

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Gladfield Shepherds Delight Malt is what we consider as stepped up version of our Aurora malt. Shepherds Delight malt??has intense bready, toasted and kola flavour with a lingering fruity sweetness. This malt should be used sparingly to supercharge the maltiness of a beer and will give flavours similar to a decoction mash. Used at too high a concentration could lead to bitterness in the final beer we recommend combining Shepherds Delight with our Vienna malt to give a balancing sweetness. This malt will give a stunning red hue to your beers.


  • Moisture (%) Max <4.5
  • Extract???? Fine Dry 78
  • Wort Colour Range (EBC) 250 ??? 350
  • Typical Colour (EBC) 280

Usage and Styles:

  • Adds deep red colours.
  • Malty toasted and kola flavours.
  • Ideal for red beers.
  • India Red Ales
  • Red IPA
  • Red Rye IPA
  • Irish Red Ales

Usage Rate Guidance:

Up to 10% of the grist