Julebryg Danish Christmas Brew – Extract Recipe Kit

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The story goes that the first Julebryg (Christmas Brew), made by Carlsminde Brewery in 1958, was a traditional strong ale. Vikings were known to brew a high-powered beer-like drink to get them through the dark winter months. The popularity of this seasonal beer prompted other breweries to follow in the years after, and the ‘J-Dag’ (J Day) tradition, on the first Friday of November, was born! Apparently, every Danish brewery has at least one Christmas Beer (BJCP Style Guidelines – 21.B). Many variants use a blend of malted barley, wheat, specialty malts with the traditional hints of caramel, anise, liquorice root, vanilla and cinnamon. Some brews have more exotic additions, such as apricot, chocolate, honey, coriander, oranges or cardamom. Dont be afraid to personalise the recipe by tweaking the spices as you desire. Any Christmas pudding spice or fruit may work in this brew. Ferment with ale, lager yeast or a blend.

Receipe contains Coopers Lager, Amber Malt Extract, Brown Sugar, Herbs and SPices, Saaz Hops, and M41 Yeast

This is a 23l recipe for our 25 litre fermentors or any other 25 litre vessel.

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