58L Stainless Keggle

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Brand new 58L stainless keg, with the top cut out in order for it to be used as a brew kettle or mash tun. Comes drilled for 1/2″ BSP weldless ball valve which is included. 

These brand new keggles are made for the avid home brewer. The keggles are made from solid 304 stainless steel. The 1.5mm thick stainless is heavy enough to take some beating and also thick enough to be heated by direct fire (such as the LPG burner). The keggles are 41cm diameter and 59cm high with 33cm opening at the top.

The keggles include the ½” large bore 2 piece ball valve.

Other options can easily be fitted to the keggle such as:

  • 30cm domed false bottom for Mash Tun conversion.
  • 3” Bi-Metal Dial Thermometer for Mash Tun or BIAB
  • 2200 Watt Element for HLT or electric kettle conversion
  • Thermowell for HLT conversion