Lemon and Lime Seltzer

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Add Brewing Sugar

All beer kits require a brewing sugar to reach the correct ABV. You may choose to add this to your cart now if desired. Dextrose gives you a clean dry result, Flavour Booster adds extra head retention and mouthfeel, and Dry Malt Extract adds the most authentic malt flavours.

Grain Infusion (Optional)

A grain infusion adds extra malt flavour to the beer. Try Cara-malt or Crystal for pale beers, and Roasted Barley or Chocolate Malt for dark beers. Steep with boiled water for 10 minutes before adding to the brew.

Finishing Hops (Optional)

Finishing hops add extra hop flavour and aroma to the beer. Steep the hop “tea bag” with boiled water for 5 minutes before adding the tea and the tea bag to the brew.

Yeast Upgrade (Optional)

Upgraded yeasts have more desirable fermentation properties. Try “Safale US-05” for a clean dry flavour in Australian or American ales, “Safale S-04” for malty flavour and body in British beers, “Saflager” yeasts for clean lagers, “Safbrew T58” for Belgian ales and “Safbrew WB-06” for Bavarian wheat beers.


Hard Seltzer is a flavoured, alcoholic carbonated water beverage that is typically brewed from a sugar source (such as cane sugar). It is also sometimes made from a distilled neutral spirit.

Hard Seltzer is relatively low in calories and so it is often perceived as a healthier (at least in calorie count) and refreshing summer drink. Typically, the alcohol volume is between 4-5% ABV, but it can often be lower as well as higher.

Lemon & Lime Splash: A refreshing, alcoholic spritzer with a burst of lemon and lime aroma and flavour.