Maltmuncher 3 Roller Mill


This malt mill is a beast! It’s what we use here at The Hop + Grain for our customer’s grain orders!

Save money and buy base malts in bulk bags, plus mill your grain bills as fresh as possible before mashing.

The MaltMuncher Grain Mill (3 Roller) is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Cold rolled steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum body and hopper with long lasting hardened steel bearings.

The 3 roller design has the main advantage that it draws the grain better and gives improved throughput.

Includes, hopper and crank handle

Width and roller diameter is optimized for use with power drill

Adjustable rollers at both ends to give uniform crush

12 TPI knurl to efficiently pull grain through rollers while leaving hull intact to form an excellent filter bed for sparging

12mm crank shaft