High Torque Mill Motor Kit

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This 1 amp 240v motor has been coupled with a high torque (1:7.5ratio) gearbox to bring the RPM down to the perfect milling speed of 180rpm. 

This motor is made to be direct drive and will couple with the Maltmuncher Grain Mill (2 and 3 roller) using the included spider coupling with polyurethane cushion (spider coupling will suit 10mm and 12mm shafts).

The motor mounting plate and spider coupling make it easy for you to mount the motor and mill together. 

The cast alloy motor housing and mounting bracket are robust and quality made. 

The housing is sealed and practically maintenance free. The mill motor kit also includes a kill switch for your safety.

NOTE: The motor is supplied without a plug and will require some wiring, easy enough for the electronics enthusiast, however we recommend a qualified electrician be used to set it up as it requires 240v wiring.