Ol’ Brown Dog – Extract Recipe Kit

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This recipe makes a slightly hoppy version of the American Brown Ale style (category 10.C. of the BJCP guidelines). It’s approachable and friendly and always worth a revisit – a bit like the Ol’ Brown Dog down the street. The end result is a rich dark brown ale displaying a creamy beige head, rich coffee/chocolate aromas combined with citrus undertones. Voluminous dark malt flavours filling the mouth with coffee, chocolate and sweet toffee combined with zesty marmalade, finishing up with medium hop bitterness. Keeping within the style guidelines, you might like to lighten the colour by swapping out the Amber Malt with Light Malt and/or reduce the hopping levels.

Receipe contains Coopers Dark Ale, Amber Malt Extract, Light Malt Extract, Crystal Malt, Cascade and Centennial Hops, BRY97 Yeast.

This is a 23l receipe for our 25 litre fermentors or any other 25 litre vessel.