Pub – Casey’s FWK

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 Pats take on the classic pub style draught beer: big strong malt character with a touch of caramel sweetness with a firm bitterness.


Yeast recomendations:Lallemand Nottingham, any of the Saflager strains, Safale US-05


  1. Start with a clean and sanitised fermentation vessel
  2. Decant FWK cube into fermenter and aerate wort
  3. Add 3 litres of sanitary water at room temperature to bring volume to 20L if desired (individual brewer may choose to reduce water volume to alter starting gravity and ABV)
  4. Pitch yeast as per manufacturers instructions
  5. Add dry hop near or at end of fermentation, dry hop approximately 3 days before bottling or kegging.
  6. Once fermentation is complete crash chill if desired then bottle/keg, carbonate and condition