Red IPA – Extract Recipe Kit

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It seems such a long time ago that the iconic red IPA was born. And while it may have been overtaken by Hazy IPA’s, trends go in circles and the Red IPA is striking back. Landing in the glass with a mid-amber hue and creamy head, this is the portal brew to bigger IPAs for non-IPA drinkers. Aromas of pine and citrus hit the nose. Then a galaxy of flavours, from sweet caramel and toffee to hints of cocoa, balance out the masterful bitterness and traces of fruitiness.

Receipe contains Innkeepers Daughter Sparkling Ale, Light Malt Extract, Light crystal malt, Special X Malt, Centennial and Simcoe Hops, US-05 yeast

This is a 21l recipe for our 25 litre fermentors or any other 25 litre vessel.

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