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This refractometer is used to measure the density of your beer or wine. Many brewers prefer to use this instead of a hydrometer because they find it quicker and easier to get an accurate reading.

This model comes with ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) allowing you to use the refractometer between 10 – 30 degrees Celsius so the temperature of the sample is irrelevant.

Wine: Measure the brix level (sugar level) in your grapes with just one drop! The perfect vineyard tool for monitoring ripening grapes. Use them after the crush to get an exact brix reading.


– Calibration Tool

– Pipette

– 0-30 brix scale

– 0-1.120 specific gravity scale

– Metal body with rubberised grip

– Adjustable focus eyepiece with rubber grip

– ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)