RIMS Heat Stick Heat Exchanger Housing


These heat stick housings make it very easy to build a RIMS recirculating mash system.

They have been made with TIG welded 50mm stainless pipe with 2 x ½” BSP female sockets at right angles in the top and bottom for the wort to flow in and out.

On each end there is a tri-clover end cap with a one with a 32m hole pre-drilled so it is ready to mount one of our 2200watt elements. The other end cap has a 20mm hole so it is ready to mount either a thermowell or bulkhead, this makes it very easy to then use our temperature controller and pump to build your own re-circulating RIMS system.


  • 1 x RIMS tube TIG welded from 304 stainless
  • 2 x Silicone beaded seals
  • 2 x Tri-clover clamps
  • 1 x End plate with 32mm hole
  • 1 x End plate with 20.5mm hole