Ryefield Wet Hops 500g – Fuggles

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If you haven’t tried brewing with wet hops yet, now is your chance.

Brewing with wet hops is a unique experience and provide a distinctively natural, grassy, plant-like, or green flavor profile, without the intense bitterness we associate with heavily hopped beers, making them perfect for piney and dank IPAs, hoppy lagers and english ales. Try them in Pilsner’s, NEIPA, IPA, IIPA, ESB styles.

These hops are grown at Ryefield Hop Farm in Bemboka, NSW in the Bega Valley. Whole hop cones are picked, vacuum sealed and frozen immediately, and are cold chained to our store, where they are stored in a deep freeze, which means they’ll be as fresh as can be.

As the alpha acid is not tested, we recommend using wet hops primarily as late boil additions where they will add the most flavour and aroma.

Shipping info:
We recommend collecting this item in store as they are stored frozen. If you’d like them shipped let us know if you’re happy for your delivery to be left unattended as we don’t want them to sit at a shipping depot thawing out. We can ship with an ice brick and some insulation – but we cannot accept responsibility or returns for hops that take longer than expected to reach you. Next business day delivery is typical within Sydney and will see your hops reach you in good condition.