Speed Brewing Book

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Techniques and recipes for fast-fermenting beers, ciders, meads and more. Speed Brewing is the perfect guide for beginners and anyone who wants to add something new and fast to brew to their repertoire!

No time this weekend? No problem.Homebrew tastes great, it’s inexpensive to make, and it’s equally fun to brew old favorites and new recipes. There’s only one reason not to brew on your next day off: time. Whether it’s your kids, your job, or a million other things, it can be hard to find a free brew-day. Then there’s the agonizing wait–weeks, or even months–to crack that first cap.But what if you could brew a session IPA in just a few hours? Or what if your next sour beer was ready to drink in weeks instead of months? In Speed Brewing, author Mary Izett shows you how to make it happen. For beer, she covers the basics of Brew-in-a-Bag, which shaves hours off brew day. Her recipes are inventive, packing big flavor into beers, ciders, and meads that ferment fast. She also provides chapters of ideas for lesser-known but equally delicious fast fermentables. You’ll find well-tested recipes for boozy kombucha, kefir beer, spirited sodas, and more. Whether you decide to brew the Bia Hoi, Smoked Summer Ale, or Strawberry Peppercorn Short Mead, Tuesday night will never be the same.