The Naked Brewer

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For novice and experienced homebrewers alike, a year’s worth of homebrew recipes and how-tos that will arm your with the basic wisdom any homebrewer needs to build their brewing know-hoe.

In The Naked Brewer, Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune provide a spectrum of seasonal homebrew recipes with something for every beer-loving palate, from a Black Smoke Pale, Crisp Summer K├Âlsch, or Honey Chamomile Blonds perfect for summer to heartier brews like a Pecan Pie brown, Imperial Blood Red, or fig and Clove Dubbel. This brewers’ handbook will help you master tricks like:

Recipes for easy tinctures, syrups, and preserves that will become unique additions to your homebrew. The Top 10 Brewing Don’ts that will help you be the most successful brewer possible. How to make a whiskey barrel-aged beer by adding whiskey-soaked wood cubes to your brew. How to make a delicious German brew with just a fifteen-minute boil. The Naked Brewer shows you how to make tasty, interesting, and innovative brews in the comfort of your home that your will be proud to share with friends.