Viking Kveik IPA – Extract Recipe Kit

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Velkommen to the land of the Viking! This recipe features a special ingredient, going by the name of Kveik in its Nordic homeland. A traditional farmhouse ale yeast, it’s sailed from the frosts of the Arctic to make its home in the Aussie sun. And it loves hot temperatures – even a scorching Australian summer! Between 25° and 40°C, it will ferment out in about 2 to 3 days.

So, although it was raised in Norway, it was born to journey south. We’ve used Citra hops to enhance the subtle citrus aromas provided by the Kveik yeast. Bitterness is restrained yet balanced, leaving a refreshing finish. Skol!


Recipe contains Coopers Canadian Blonde, Light malt extract, flavour booster, light crystal malt, citra hops and Kviek Yeast

This is a 22l recipe for our 25 litre fermentors or any other 25 litre vessel.