Classes & Events

Are you already brewing or thinking about it? Want to learn more or just talk to other brewers?
Our classes and meetups are just the ticket. Got a question? Check the FAQ!


Hosted in store, our local homebrewers come along to share a taste of their latest batch and talk beer. The event is free but we do prefer an RSVP so we know numbers for the evening.

Bring a bottle or two of your latest brew and a couple of bucks to contribute to pizza. If you’re new and don’t have a beer to bring, you can bring an unusual commercial beer to try!

Price: At least 1 bottle of beer to share

Date: Often the last Friday of every month, but we take a break during the peak of summer and winter.

Check Dates and RSVP

Level 1: Basics

Come learn everything you need to make your own homebrew. We demonstrate the basics using a starter kit. Improve on a basic "beer concentrate" kit with grain, malt extracts, hops etc.

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Level 2: Intermediate

Take the next step to extract brewing. We take you through a boil adding your own bittering, flavour and aroma hops and steeping grain. Learn to create your own recipes with brewing software.

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Level 3: BIAB

This class is an introduction to all-grain brewing, using the brew-in-bag method. Jump from kits and extracts into mashing and boiling using base ingredients with affordable equipment.

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Natural Cider

Whether you're a beer lover at heart who wants to expand their repertoire, or a cider drinker, this is a great class to take you through how to make your very own cider from scratch!

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Host a High Brew

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with your friends or colleagues? Booking a private "High Brew" is the way to go. Event requires 8 people minimum. $70 per head.

Package includes:

• 3 hours in-store activity.
• Beer tasting/appreciation session.
• Cheese platters and snacks provided.
• Take home your brew the next day,
that's 20+ litres of wort ready to ferment.
• Fermentation Kit, everything needed to ferment and bottle your beer.